PE Film for upvc windows doors

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This film is designed for UPVC products like windows, doors or other UPVC profiles. It protects the exterior surface of the products when they are newly produced or ready to ship.

Clients may choose different single colors or double-colored version for their various application scenarios.

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Keep the exterior surface of the UPVC products fresh, away from scratch, liquid pollution or oxidation.


* No glue residue at all after peel-off;
* Premium PE material;
* Durable, healthy and eco-friendly;
* Protect the surfaces against scratch, dirt, stains, paints, etc.
* Stable adhesion.
* Remains original performance at least for 45 days.


Product Name PE Film for UPVC windows doors
Material Polyethylene film coated with water-based polypropylene adhesives
Color Transparent, blue, Double-colored or customized
Thickness 15-150micron
Width 10-2400mm
Length 100,200,300,500,600ft or 25, 30,50,60,100,200m or customized
Adhesion type Self-adhesive
Horizontal elongation at break (%) 200-600
Vertical elongation at break (%) 200-600
Packing Kraft paper, corrugated paper, air-cushion film




Q: What can be customized?
A: Color; thickness; size, UV-resistance; fire retardant; Inner core material, printing and size

Q: Do you have whole production lines for protective film?
A: Yes, we have. such as: blowing mold, coating, laminating, printing, slitting, etc.

Q:Is the smell of this tape especially the adhesive pungent?
A: Of course not. We adopt eco-friendly adhesives.

Q:How can we get detailed price list?
A: Please let us know the details of your requirement like (length, width, thickness, color, quantity).

Q: I want to import your products to my country, but I don’t have a full image of the total cost. May you help?
A: Contact us without hesitation. We can provide as much useful info as possible.

Q: Do you have better discounts if I order a huge quantity?
A: Yes, we’d like to make less margin from huge volumes. Now global shipment is expensive, so you can also cut average shipping charge if you deliver a big order.

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