Ceramic tile film factory supply 2022

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Home decoration;
New product delivery;
Ceramic tile transportation;
Ceramic tile factory;

pe, protective film

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1. Designed for the characteristics of ceramic tiles;
2. Cheap but good protection;
3. Transparent or colorful;


* No glue residue at all after peel-off;
* Easy application;
* Cost effective;
* Protect the tile surfaces against scratch, dirt, stains, paints, etc.
* Transparent or colorful;


Product Name Ceramic tile film factory supply
Material Polyethylene film coated with water-based polypropylene adhesives
Color Transparent, blue, or customized colors
Thickness 15-50micron
Width 10-1240mm
Length Max. 1000m
Horizontal elongation at break (%) >180
Vertical elongation at break (%) >300
180°Peeling Strength 0.3-6N/25mm




Q: What are the characteristics of film for ceramic tiles?
A: In nowadays, at least in North China, the price of regular ceramic tiles has gone down enough, so the protection film for them also changed accordingly: thinner, simpler and cheaper.

Q: How much does a 20ft container cost shipped from a North China port to Japan?
A: It depends on the global freight charge which changes all the time. Please contact us when you’re ready to order goods from us.

Q: Can you cut the film in to the sizes we need?
A: Yes, dear. Tell us your dimensions.

Q: I want to import your products to my country, but I don’t have a full image of the total cost. May you help?
A: Contact us without hesitation. We can provide as much useful info as possible.

Q: Is this product popular in India?
A: As we know, India has so many manufacturers of ceramic tiles or similar construction/decoration materials, so India is indeed an energetic market for us; and we have many clients there for sure. We can talk about cooperation for sure.

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