Would this work on a laminate counter top ?

Sure, it would.

Does it work perfectly as a protectant for our granite while getting our floors re-done ?

Yes, it will be satisfying for your application.

Are you a manufacturer with your own factory, or a trading company with a strong factory relationship ?

We are a manufacturer with our own factory.

Can I get some samples for testing before placing order ?

Yes, we can provide you some free samples for your testing if you would like to accept the transportation fee.

What if your products have flaws and bring me loss ?

Typically, this would not happen. We survive by our quality and reputation. But once it happens, we’ll check the situation with you and compensate your loss. Your interest is our concern.

Can this be used to tape a loose part on the inside of a residential dryer ?

It could be used, but we don't have accurate data like what your temp. is and how long it would last there.

Is this tape stretchy, more like an electrical tape, or stiffer like a packaging tape ?

In between. It’s stretchy, but not so much.

I need to mark a gym area for a day and I do not want to ruin their finish, how difficult is it to remove this tape from floors ?

It's easy to remove from the floor.