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Carpet protection film is designed to provide temporary protection to varies of carpets against paint, dust, dirt and construction debris during decoration, installation or painting. It is easily peeled off without any adhesive residue. Self-adhesive carpet protector films have stable adhesiveness, easy to stick on and tear off.

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Temporarily protect your carpet with this plastic film from being contaminated or damaged during construction, remodeling or painting. This carpet film has high adhesion and stays stable on carpet. Remove easily with no adhesive residue. Puncture resistant. Printing and size can be customized.


* Easy application, easy removal;suitable for human or machine operation;
* Oxidation resistant, anti-fouling; long-lasting, puncture resistant;
* Not creep or wrinkle after application, stick to the protected surface well
* No residue after peeled off;
* Long shelf life above 12 months;
* Stable in -30℃ to +70℃;
* Adopt imported advanced glue, water-based polypropylene, eco-friendly;
* Protect the carpet against scratch, dirt, stains, paints, etc. Keep your carpet 100% fresh after removal.
* Service life 6-12 months even under strong sunshine;
* Exclusive dimension range: Max. width 2400mm, Min. width 10mm, Min. thickness 15micron;

Conventional thickness: 50micron, 70micorn, 80micron,90micron, etc.
Common roll size: 500mm×25m, 500mm×50m, 600mmx100m, 610mm×61m, 610mmx200m, 1000mmx100m, etc.


Product Name Carpet Protection Film
Material Polyethylene film coated with water-based polypropylene adhesives
Color Transparent, blue or customized
Thickness 15-150micron
Width 10-2400mm
Length 100, 200, 300, 500, 600ft or 25, 30, 50, 60,1 00, 200m or customized
Adhesion type Self-adhesive
Horizontal elongation at break (%) 200-600
Vertical elongation at break (%) 200-600


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Q: Are you a manufacturer with your own factory, or a trading company with a strong factory relationship?
A: We are a manufacturer with our own factory.

Q:Where is your location?
A: Our factory is located in Macun Village industrial park, Wuji County, and our sales office is in Shi Jiazhuang City, capital of Hebei Province. We’re close to capital Beijing and port city Tianjin.

Q:Can you provide the samples?
A: Of course. We provide free samples.

Q:How can we get detailed price list?
A: Please offer us detailed information of the product such as size (length, width, thickness, color, specific requirements and purchasing quantity.

Q:How can we contact with you?Can I find you in non-work hours?
A: Please contact us by email, phone and let us know your inquiry. If you have urgent question, feel free to dial +86 13311068507 ANYTIME.

Q:What if your products have flaws and bring me loss?
A: Typically, this would not happen. We survive by our quality and reputation. But once it happens, we’ll check the situation with you and compensate your loss. Your interest is our concern.

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