Premium Kraft Paper Tape 2022

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Premium Kraft Paper Tape is mainly used for paper splicing, carton sealing, framing and packing.

It’s also used for concealing former printings or clothing surface treatment.

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The brown packing kraft paper tape is made of environmental protection kraft paper coated with natural rubber glue,it is self-adhesive ,no water needed, you can use it directly! It can be torn by hand, no need for scissors.


* High tensile strength, good adhesion on different types of cardboard;
* Torn by hand;
* High temperature resistant and highly conformable
* Made from rubber resin with paper backing
* Self-adhesive;
* Long duration period;
* Precise cutting process;


Product Name Premium Kraft Paper Tape
Color Brown/Beige/Khaki
Carrier Kraft Paper
Adhesive Rubber
Thickness 140micron
Tensile Strength (N/25mm) 287
Temperature Resistance (℃) -20℃ ± 220℃
Width(mm) 50 Customized
Length(m) 50 or Customized


● Frame banding
● Enhancing paper bags on edges or bottoms
● Sealing cartons
● Masking/covering up former printings
● Modelling of printing


Tips: Please don’t overlap it during application, as it’s not adhesive to itself due to its natural characteristics, or it may fall off in the overlapped part.


Q: Are you a manufacturer with your own factory, or a trading company with a strong factory relationship?
A: We are a manufacturer with our own factory.

Q: Does this tape contain plastic? I am looking for a tape that can be recycled when applied to cardboard boxes.
A: No plastic and definitely recyclable.

Q: Is this double-sided tape or just single?
A: It is a single sided tape, very strong.

Q: Can this be used to tape a loose part on the inside of a residential dryer?
A: It could be used, but we don't have accurate data like what your temp. is and how long it would last there.

Q: Is this type tape that one can tear off lengths by hand instead of cutting with a blade?
A: You can definitely tear it by hand

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