Textured Paper Tape 2022 High Quality

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Textured Paper Tape, also called as masking paper tape, painter’s tape, craft tape, labeling tape, artist tape or art tape, is an ideal product for the protection of home appliances in our spray paint control area and decoration engineering.

The product has the good sticking ability and is easy to remove without residue. What’s more, it is convenient to apply on your DIY gadgets. Applicable to many projects.

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Protective masking tape, suitable for automobile painting, furniture and electrical protection. The pre-attached masking film can prevent household appliances and furniture from dust and paint during home decoration or painting. It is suitable for many scenarios, including spraying, workshop paint work, home painting and decoration. Protect surfaces from paint and spray paint, such as paint, walls, vehicles, cabinets, equipment, furniture and floors.


* Easy use and easy removal;
* Torn by hand;
* Corrosion resistant;
* No residue after peeled off;
* Easy storage, solvent resistant;
* Written on with pen, pencil or marker; impermeable;


Product Name Textured Paper Tape/Masking Tape
Substrate Crepe Paper
Glue Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Total thickness 150micron
Initial viscosity ≥12N/25MM
180 ° steel plate
stripping force
Tensile strength ≥75N/25MM
Heat resistance 120℃
Heat resistance time 30mins




Q: Are you a manufacturer with your own factory, or a trading company with a strong factory relationship?
A: We are a manufacturer with our own factory.

Q: Can this product applied on carpets?
A: This is not special for carpet, but if you don’t have PE films, just use it just like protecting your carpet from pet’s excreta.

Q: Does it work for condo painting projects?
A: Yes.

Q:How can we contact with you?Can I find you in non-work hours?
A: Please contact us by email, phone and let us know your inquiry. If you have urgent question, feel free to dial +86 13311068507 ANYTIME.

Q:How do you ship samples?
A: We use international couriers like EMS, DHL or UPS.

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