High-Temperature PET Tape 2022

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High-temperature PET tape adopts PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) film as the base material, coated with high temperature resistant silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. It has high temperature resistance, electrical insulation and high adhesion. Soft and fitting.

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Ideal for high temperature projects, with its silicone adhesive retains the bonding while exposed to chemicals, acids, oils, solvents, during powder coating, painting, anodizing, plating or media blasting projects, as well as many other uses around home, business or laboratory, or even for overseas shipping and packaging in a hot container for days or weeks.


* High temperature resistance: Resistant to temperature of 220℃;
* Acid and alkali resistance: Effectively prevents corrosion, voltage resistant, solvent resistant;
* No residual glue: No glue is left when torn;
* No curling, no shrinking;
* Anti-friction;
* Special adhesive treatment;
* Customized mechanical dimensions;


Product Name High-Temperature PET Tape
Color Green
Carrier Polyester film
Adhesive Silicone
Thickness 50-150micron
Tensile Strength (N/25mm) 120 - 135
Adhesion (N/25mm) 6N - 8N
Temperature Resistance (℃) -20℃ ± 220℃
Width(mm) 2~1020 Customized
Length(m) 33 m or Customized


● Powder Coating
● Anodizing
● Electronic Assembly
● Circuit boards (PCB)
● Battery packs
● PC Screen/Case Protection;
● Photo Splicing
● Sublimation Printing
● Automotive wheels Painting
● Resin Molding
● Plating
● Overseas Shipping



Q: Are you a manufacturer with your own factory, or a trading company with a strong factory relationship?
A: We are a manufacturer with our own factory.

Q: I want to use it for masking a set of pistons to cerakote. Does it work for me?
A: Sure. That’s one of the typical applications.

Q: Is this double-sided tape or just single?
A: It is a single sided tape, very strong.

Q: Can this be used to tape a loose part on the inside of a residential dryer?
A: It could be used, but we don't have accurate data like what your temp. is and how long it would last there.

Q: How water resistant is it?
A: I am sorry that the polyester tape is not waterproof.

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