Window/Door Profiles Protective Film PE

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The application fields of PE protective film are as follows: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy profile etc.

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The biggest advantage of PE protective film is that the protected surface will not be polluted, corroded and scratched during the production, processing, transportation, storage and use of PE protective film, and protect the original smooth and bright surface, so as to improve the quality and market competitiveness of the products.


* Easy application, easy removal;
* Oxidation resistant, anti-fouling; long-lasting, puncture resistant;
* Not creep or wrinkle;
* Extreme high or low temperature resistant;
* Adopt imported advanced glue, water-based polypropylene, eco-friendly;
* No crack under 300W UV lamp and 50℃ for 240 hours;
Conventional thickness: 50micron, 70micorn, 80micron,90micron, 120micron etc.
Common roll size:500mm×25m, 500mm×50m, 600mmx100m, 610mm×61m, 610mmx200m, 1000mmx100m, etc.


Product Name Window Door Protective Film PE
Material polyethylene(PE)
Color Blue or Customized
Width 10-1800mm
Thickness 50-150micron
Length 100, 200, 300, 500, 600ft or 25, 30, 50, 60,1 00, 200m or customized
Viscosity Low viscosity/Medium viscosity/High viscosity
Usage Surface protection


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Q: Does it also work on other alloy surfaces?
A: Yes, it works on all common alloy/metal surfaces.

Q: Is it ok if it also extends to some plastic areas?
A: It should be fine.

Q:Can you provide the samples?
A: Of course. We provide free samples.

Q: Would this work well to protect framed glass, glass table tops, and mirrors while moving? if the glass cracked would the sheeting hold?
A: Yes, it would protect from scratches etc. The sheeting would stick but it isn't guaranteed to hold the pieces together. Has very light adhesive. More of a masking film.

Q:What if your products have flaws and bring me loss?
A: Typically, this would not happen. We survive by our quality and reputation. But once it happens, we’ll check the situation with you and compensate your loss. Your interest is our concern.

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