Glass Protective PE Film 2022 High Quality

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The size and thickness of the PE film we produce can be customized according to your requirements. Therefore, our film can be used
to protect the surfaces of various products.

Yashen promises a happy usage experience to our customers!

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Blue Glass Protective Film Protects both window glass and panes during installation, painting, construction, stucco application, remodeling, and demolition. This film is perfect for both indoor and outdoor jobs. Reduces cleaning and scraping at the completion of the construction process, saving you time and money.


* Easy application, easy removal;
* Oxidation resistant, anti-fouling; long-lasting, puncture resistant;
* Not creep or wrinkle after application, stick to the protected surface well
* No residue after peeled off;
* Long storage life above 12 months;
* Stable in -30℃ to +220℃;
* Adopt imported advanced glue, water-based polypropylene, eco-friendly;
* Protect the carpet against scratch, dirt, stains, paints, etc. Keep your carpet 100% fresh after removal.
* Service life 6-12 months even under strong sunshine;
* Exclusive dimension range: Max. width 2400mm, Min. width 10mm, Min. thickness 15micron;


Product Name Glass Protective PE Film
Material Polyethylene film coated with water-based polypropylene adhesives
Color Transparent, blue or customized
Thickness 15-150micron
Width 10-2400mm
Length 100,200,300,500,600ft or 25, 30,50,60,100,200m or customized
Adhesion type Self-adhesive
Horizontal elongation at break (%) 200-600
Vertical elongation at break (%) 200-600




Q: How can I have an immediate communication with you if I have an urgent inquiry?
A: If you send an inquiry email and don’t receive a reply, but you want an immediate answer, just try to give a ring (not necessary to get through) to +86 13311068507, or leave a WhatsApp message to same number. Then we’ll notice it and check email, reply your message or call you back.

Q: Can this be applied on photochromic glass?
A: For temporary protection, yes. It may affect the color-changing effect if a blue film is pasted on your photochromic glass.

Q:Where is your location?
A: Our factory is located in Macun Village industrial park, Wuji County, and our sales office is in Shi Jiazhuang City, capital of Hebei Province. We’re close to capital Beijing and port city Tianjin.

Q:How can I get your samples?
A: Our samples are free. When you’re interested in one or a few products, contact us and tell us all the requirements and we’ll arrange free sample delivery for you. You may need pay some courier charge. Or if you have own agent in China, or you have your own shipment channel, we can deliver freely to your domestic place.

Q: Are all the blue films extreme temperature resistant?
A: We have different versions, incl. extreme temperature version and non-extreme temp resistant version. The latter is cheaper for sure.

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