Protective Film For Aluminum Board 2022

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The aluminum profile protective film is a layer of plastic film attached to the aluminum profile. The purpose is to protect the produced aluminum profile from damage during transportation, inventory, transportation, processing, installation, and other processes. After completing the aluminum profile installation, the installation engineering team peels off the protective film, so that the surface of the aluminum profile is as clean as new, and it has the desired decorative effect.

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There are many types of aluminum profiles on the market, and the surface treatment technology of aluminum profiles is constantly improving. Different aluminum profiles require protective films with different adhesion strength. Generally, low-viscosity protective films are for smooth surfaces, such as mechanical polishing and chemical polishing aluminum. The medium-adhesive protective films are for medium rough surfaces, such as anodized coloring, electrophoretic coating, chemical coloring, fluorocarbon spraying, and smooth electrostatic powder spraying aluminum. A very sticky protective film is for very rough surfaces, such as electrostatic powder sandblasted aluminum.


* Easy application, easy removal;
* Oxidation resistant, anti-fouling; long-lasting, puncture resistant;
* Not creep or wrinkle after application, stick to the protected surface well;
* Extreme high or low temperature resistant;
* Adopt imported advanced glue, water-based polypropylene, eco-friendly;
* Protect the aluminum (or similar) profiles against scratch, dirt, stains, paints, etc.
* Outdoor use under strong sunshine;


Product Name Protective Film for Aluminum Board 2022
Material Polyethylene film coated with water-based polypropylene adhesives
Color Transparent, blue or customized
Thickness 15-150micron
Width 10-2400mm
Length 100, 200, 300, 500, 600ft or 25, 30, 50, 60, 100, 200m or customized
Adhesion type Self-adhesive
Horizontal elongation at break (%) 200-600
Vertical elongation at break (%) 200-600


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Q: Does it also work on other alloy surfaces?
A: Yes, it works on all common alloy/metal surfaces.

Q: Is it ok if it also extends to some plastic areas?
A: It should be fine.

Q:Can you provide the samples?
A: Of course. We provide free samples.

Q: Would this work well to protect framed glass, glass table tops, and mirrors while moving? if the glass cracked would the sheeting hold?
A: Yes, it would protect from scratches etc. The sheeting would stick but it isn't guaranteed to hold the pieces together. Has very light adhesive. More of a masking film.

Q:How can we contact with you?Can I find you in non-work hours?
A: Please contact us by email, phone and let us know your inquiry. If you have urgent question, feel free to dial +86 13311068507 ANYTIME.

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