What are the temperature requirements in PE protective film production?

PE protective film is a new type of plastic packaging product in logistics, also widely used in the centralized packaging of all kinds of goods, widely used in export trade, paper industry, hardware, plastic chemicals, decorative building materials, food industry, medical machinery and other fields.


There’re many specific provisions in temperature in the process of PE film production, now let’s just get through them.

According to different temperature operations, PE film production can be divided into the following two stages:

1. Heating

On the premise of that the PE film material is not prone to steam damage, the heating time should not be too long, and the steam should be transferred into the maintenance cabin for 1~1.5 hours. For example, under the cold and wet condition of 96~100℃, the temperature control time is 8 hours in spring and autumn, 7 hours in summer and 10 hours in winter.


2. Temperature control

Temperature control is the key step of solidification, hydrothermal conversion and tensile strength improvement. With the increase of temperature control time, the carbohydrate accumulates, the increase of tensile strength becomes faster and faster. After a certain period of temperature control, the increase of tensile strength slowly alleviates. Different raw material, different production or processing steps, different aerated blocks, all should match their own temperature control times.

The above are roughly provisions for temperature in the production process of PE protective film. Strict control on the production and manufacturing temperature, ensures that PE protective films have high tensile strength, high compressive strength, good self-adhesiveness and high-quality.


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Post time: Jun-10-2022