10-Year Development of PE Film in China

In the past ten years, the production and application of PE composite film in China have been rapidly opened, and the output has been greatly improved, and it has become the world’s largest producer. With the opening of scientific skills and the march of living standards, the packaging of daily necessities, food, medicines and various industrial products has put forward a higher demand, high-function, functional food packaging bag materials have become the key to development and research, with high barrier, high transparency, multi-function preservation, aseptic soft plastic packaging materials are increasingly valued by us, and show increasing market demand.

PE development 10 year

The development of products with excellent function, stable appearance, packaging operation, environmental protection and safety for food and pharmaceutical packaging, on the march of China’s food and pharmaceutical products packaging level, satisfied with the increasing market demand, instead of imports, enhance the export talent of food and pharmaceutical products, has become a very hot task. At that time, the production and application of domestic PE protective film was still in the moment of extensive increase of high speed, low efficiency and high consumption. Most of the product level is low, and there is a large distance from developed countries, especially in terms of the utility of the film, the distance is more significant, most of the high-grade functional packaging materials rely on imports, which has now become a major factor restricting the opening of Food and Pharmaceutical Products packaging in China. Films prepared using biaxial stretching skills have unmatched advantages in terms of strength, rigidity, normative stability, optical function, and uniformity of thickness and thinness, so they occupy the main position in the packaging of food, medicine and other industrial products. Because of the impact of the wave of environmental protection, consumers have put forward higher and higher demand for product packaging. Green food packaging bags are the demand for the world’s environmental protection opening trend, together represent the opening trend of the packaging industry in various countries, and are one of the main contents of the market competitiveness of marching products and preventing new trade barriers. The greening of thin films has also become one of the main opening trends.

The main application market of PE packaging film industry is the FMCG market, with a large market space and no obvious cyclicality. In recent years, China’s economy has maintained strong growth, and the resulting consumption upgrade and the innovative development of new technologies in the packaging field will enable the industry to maintain a long period of prosperity.


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Post time: Sep-02-2022