What is the application scope of PE protective film?

What is the application scope of PE protective film? You may have some small confusions, so now let me explain it for you! The important component of PE protective film is HDPE (high density polyethylene), which is a harmless chemical raw material. It is an organic compound of fiber materials with relatively simple structure. It is also one of the most common textile materials in daily life. It is a product broadly used as mobile phone protective film, packaging bag or plastic film. It is the most widely used textile material in nowadays.

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PE protective film has a great advantage in production, processing, transportation or storage which is it’s not easy to corrode, scratch. This characteristic plays a great role in protecting the original smooth and bright surface of the product from air pollution, and improving the quality and market competitiveness of a product. At present, PE protective film is important for the following industries.

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1.Hardware industry:

PE protective film can be used for hardware industry, especially for computer case, galvanized metal mold, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, titanium plate, stainless steel plate, plastic steel buckle plate, laminated glass, solar power station or solar panel.

2.Electronic and optical industry:

PE protective film has a very wide range of applications in the power grid industry. It is seen
on many products like LCD panel, backlight board, cold light film, film switch, mobile phone

3.Plastic industry:

PE protective film is also widely used in the plastic industry, such as ABS, PP injection molding products, PVC plate, acrylic plate, car dashboard, plastic glasses lenses, spray paint surface maintenance and so on.

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4.Printing and packaging industry:

In printing and packaging industry, PE film can be used in PVC, PC board, aluminum plate, film and other printing and packaging board surface.

5.Wire and cable industry:

It is also popular in wire and cable industry, mainly for the maintenance of copper core line, wrinkling product. It can effectively prevent dusty air pollution. Anti-oxidation and anti-stain.

6.Electronic Device Industry Chain:

In the production or processing sections, electronic components must be maintained or protected from scratches or damage.

7.Digital Equipment industry:

PE protective film can be used as mobile phone protective film, AKA mobile phone beauty film which is a cold mounting film framing the overall body and the touch screen part of mobile phone.

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With its unusual advantages, favored by many businesses, PE protective film has been widely used in almost every industry. It makes things so convenient in people’s daily life.

Post time: Jun-10-2022